Buckminster FF Gala


A reminder that the third annual FF Gala will be held at the BMFA National Centre on Sat. 3rd., Sun. 4th. OR (in extremis) Mon. 5th October.  The final date will be decided on Thurs. 1st. and posted on BMFA website, or contact the organisers. Start time 10 AM. (no rounds)

This now established multi- discipline event (duration, scale & sport) demonstrates that meaningful FF duration can be flown on a limited site (and surrounding land). There may be some departures from BMFA contest rules, depending on conditions, but the object remains ‘pure’ performance FF.

E.36 (motor run may be reduced)

BMFA Classic Glider (50 m. Towline)

Combined P30 & Vintage Coupe d’ Hiver

Classic A1 Glider (Designs published Jan. ’51- Jan.’61)

HLG/ CLG Combined

Additionally, duration flyers may be interested in a Peterborough club class, Ratio Rubber; for any rubber model over 22” span built to a published design. 3 flights, score = duration (sec)/ span (inches).

Admission to the centre costs £6; please pay (wearing face covering) at reception where track- and trace details will be recorded as required by law. Contest entry is free- prizes for all classes, plus the ‘Classic A1 Trophy’. Please remember to bring a face covering, hand sanitiser and a black pen to record scores. Toilet/ hand washing facilities are available on site. Please remember to observe social distancing requirements.

Trimming/ sport flying welcome (£6 site fee payable at reception)

Contact Stuart Darmon stuartdarmonf1a@yahoo.com 01858882057