East Anglian Gala

Sculthorpe 30th, 31st July


This weekend is the East Anglian Free Flight Gala.


The gate will be manned on both days. To gain entry you will need to show your BMFA card. A toilet will be provided, no refreshments will be on sale.


You are reminded that no overnight camping or dogs are allowed on the field.


Motorised retrieving is not permitted.


The weather conditions prevailing have, presented a situation where the Sculthorpe airfield is tinder dry, and a fire hazard warning has been posted. Thus, no burning fuse dethermalisers, burner timers and space model ignition systems will be permitted.


Although this weekend is for free flight competition other sport flying will be allowed. Turbo jets are not allowed to be flown.


The competitor fee is £10.00 per day or contest licence which allows entry into all events. Spectators and others £5.00 per day.