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Results update

The results for the Stonehenge cup, Equinox cup and 6th Area event are now available on the BMFA website. BFFC and Plugge tables will be updated over the weekend.

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Buckminster Gala 2023

Buckminster FF Gala 2023, Either  5 OR 19th. November, TBA Nov. 3 Start 10 AM  Classic A1 glider  BMFA Classic Glider (50m. towline both classes) E36  (5 sec. motor run all flights) Combined P30 / Pre- 1970 Coupe…

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The East Anglian Gala

Confirmation that the East Anglian Gala is on this weekend. Please see previous notice for details of events on each day.

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SAM Gagnarata Day – A message from Tony Shepherd

SAM 1066 Caganarata Day    Regrettably the weather forecast for our Sunday Cagnarata Day meeting on Salisbury Plain (23rd July) indicates unsuitable weather for small model flying (under 250 gram). Heavy rain is due for…

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East Anglian Gala

EAST ANGLIAN AREA GALA 2023 29th and 30th July Sculthorpe Airfield The East Anglian Area invites all free flight aeromodellers to the vast open spaces of Sculthorpe airfield, arguably the finest F/F site in the British Isles….

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5th Area results

5th Area results are now available via the FFTC page of the BMFA website. BFFC and Plugge scores are up to date.