Buckminster Gala – Sunday 4th October


The date of the Buckminster Gala, based on the latest weather information, is confirmed as SUNDAY 4th OCTOBER.

We have permission to drive around the perimeter of the field to the upwind side but of course vehicles must not be driven anywhere else on the grass and under no circumstances on the mown strips or circles. Please go to reception to pay site fee (£8.00, not £6 as stated in error in the last posting, sorry) and complete track & trace procedure before accessing the field. Remember to bring a pen, face covering (only required for indoor facilities) and hand gel.

Contest entry remains free, but please remember to enter your name on the score sheet before making a flight. Cards will be available, but we recommend you bring your own paper to record your score to reduce contact. Competitors are responsible for entering their own scores on the appropriate score sheet after each flight (or per 3 flights in the case of HLG/ CLG). However, the CD will be present as usual to direct proceedings and advise competitors as required.

Prizes will be awarded in all classes.