Free Flight Nationals 2023




It was not unexpected that Barkston Heath would not be available for the 3-day Bank Holiday event. This despite our proposal of a reduced or closed event.


The plan

The replacement contests will be a cut down Free Flight Nationals which will not be the same as the “real” Nationals. We will apply a “light touch” organisation in a similar vein to that which was operated in 2022 running in the standard Free Flight Gala format. The contests will be flown for their respective Free Flight Nationals trophies.



There will be no camping or other facilities except for the provision of toilets. The entrance gate at North Luffenham will be manned. We will arrange to collect the entry fees at the gate at North Luffenham.



  • Certificates and medals for all events will be awarded for BMFA events.
  • Hand launch glider and catapult glider will be flown at both North Luffenham and Salisbury Area 8. The best time at either event will decide the placings and the awarding of trophies. We will run these contests on all 3 days.



  • There will be no pre-entry requirement. Entry will be on the day. The fee will be a simple £10.00 per day charge. This fee would allow the entrant to fly in as many events/classes as they desire. There is no exemption for season ticket holders.
  • Mike Woodhouse has overall responsibility being the Free Flight Nationals Coordinator. We will require CDs for each weekend, please step forward with your offers.
  • Number of flights and maxes to be decided on the day. There will be no rounds for FAI.
  • Start 10:00 finish 17:00. Then fly offs if required


Free Flight Open and FAI classes – Salisbury Area 8

Saturday 27th May

Start 10:00 – to 17:00

Sunday 28th May

Start 10:00 – to 17:00

Combined Glider F1A Glider
Combined Rubber F1B Rubber
Combined Power F1C Power
Combined Electric F1Q Electric
Classic Rubber/Power Vintage Rubber/Power
Women’s Cup Slow Open Power
Hand Launched Glider Catapult Glider
Catapult Glider Hand Launch Glider
Frog Junior (J) Classic Glider
Vintage Glider


Space – Salisbury Area 8

Saturday 27th May

Start 10:00 – to 17:00

Sunday 28th May

Start 10:00 – to 17:00

S6A Parachute S3A Streamer
S4A Boost Glider S1B Altitude
S9A Helicopter S2-P Payload
S5C Scale Altitude S8E-P Rocket Glider


Mini classes – North Luffenham

Sunday 4th June

Start 10:00 – to 17:00

F1H (A/1 Glider)
F1G (Coupe d’Hiver)
F1J Power
BMFA ½A Power
E36 Electric
P30 Rubber
E30 Electric
Mini Vintage
CO2 Duration
Catapult Glider
Hand Launched glider



Free Flight Overall Championships

Rubber F1B F1G P30
Glider F1A F1H Classic Glider
Power F1C F1J SLOP
Electric F1Q E36 E30


Bowden Trophy

  • Venue to be decided.


SAM35 and Scale

Discussions are now taking place with SAM35 and the BMFA Scale Technical Committee regarding the possible inclusion of some of their events.



Further information will be provided as when available and agreed.


Michael J. Woodhouse – January 2023