Salisbury Plain Area 8

Flying on Area 8.

Flyers are reminded that it is Military (and therefore BMFA FFTC) requirement, that when civilians are accessing areas away from public rights of way that an adequate number of Red Card holders must be present. A Red Card holder is deemed to be responsible for up to 6 non-Red Card Holders.

It is also imperative that a Red Card holder phones 24 Hrs. Ops. before any flying takes place, and at the conclusion of flying. 24 hrs. Ops. need to know that there are civilians on a restricted Area, and that air movements are likely to take place. Remember that we have authorised, controlled access, and these requirements are for the safety of all concerned. Failure to observe these simple requirements could have consequences.

Anyone wishing to obtain a Red Card, can obtain one by attending a briefing at Westdown Camp.

I can arrange this.


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